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  • Young Filmmaker... Short Film Help

    Hello, I am workin on a project that I am incredibly passionate about and I need help to make it happen.

    I am currently working on a short film about the harsh realities of growing up in foster care. It is a griping story about neglect and addiction that shows the dark and gritty, life of teenagers dealing with extremely painful and tough circumstances

    I've been using my cell phone to do most of the leg work, because i had to sell my old laptop for the cash. (Thank god for the Iphone) It has been really rough. I have little to no resources, so this money would help me to get a proper computer, camara, crew, etc to make this project happen. Being fresh out of college it has really been a struggle pursuing my dreams but i keep pushing forward, and just have faith that it will all work.
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    I'll check this out later and I will try to spread the word for you.

    I've actually never heard of that website before.


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      Jhylton, how are you? It seems you have the right idea. But instead fo joining a forum and posting a link, why not communicate more here and actually let people know who you are? Just wanted to fill you in, I never donation to one line posters that leave and hope they get more people to donate. Stick around, its a win win.


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        Thanks, for you reply, where should I post?


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          Jhylton, first off, I suggest just posting the link of your youtube video in your original post. The one where you are in the car. (The website will automatically embed it for you)

          Then take the time to write something custom out here for these users, if people are going to donate their hard earned money then you need to give us a reason why. Make sense? I dont want this to offend you, I am writing this in the very kind way just FYI.


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            Thank you will do! Are you currently working on any projects I would love to support anyone on here


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              YES!!! Received my first donation!!! I am sooooo excited. Please anyone that could even just give a dollar I swear I be so great any and all support counts. Thanks!!