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WIldEye Releasing - Lawsuit

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  • WIldEye Releasing - Lawsuit

    Hi Everyone,

    Wondering if anyone on here has been screwed over by WildEye Releasing? I released my first film with them a few years ago and have yet to receive a check or any statements from them.

    The owner, Rob Hauschild, dodged my calls for a while, then finally gave me a statement showing that he owed me over $10k and promised to pay out. Since then, I haven't heard a word and never received the payment.

    I think he does this kind of predatory distribution as a business model, screwing filmmakers out of small amounts and keeping the money for himself.

    So I'm wondering if other filmmakers have gone through this. I would like to put together a class action lawsuit against him with other filmmakers.

    So if you have gone through this, please get in touch!

    Thanks everyone,

    -Peter Hurd