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    Hi, I am currently making a short film (one of my first) and in the process of post production.
    I want to register it when finished, however, I am having some issues with one of the secondary actresses. Since the beginning I made clear it would not be remunerated and I will send all a copy of the finished film. Now she doesn't stop asking for her shots to be used in her videobook (and being quite disrespectful in her communication to me), I sent a few already but she wants all (I explained I will send the rest when all finished). Also i asked her to sign an authorization form to be able to use her image and voice in the short. She said she will sign it when we record the audio (last thing I had to do still).
    Now she also wants an agreement to be able to publish the short for her own interest (YouTube etc)
    I didn't answer yet but ofcourse it's not possible if I register it on my name right?
    Can I send her more parts (raw material) of the short film (before having registered the final film) ? Or might this create problems for me?

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    I doubt it will create any really problems for you. But as a rule of thumb, the FIRST thing you do is have all of the actors and crew sign releases, before anything is shot and recorded. Anyone who won't sign, isn't in the movie.

    If you still need her to record audio, you're probably stuck and don't have a lot of leverage. Just make sure you're never in that position again.
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