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Use of copyrighted songs for personal videos

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  • Use of copyrighted songs for personal videos

    I'm a Newbie in videomaking and I would like to ask some info about use of copyright songs for videos ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE so for NO COMMERCIAL use:

    - Can I use copyrighted songs if I insert name of author in the credits of video?
    - If I use Cover of copyrighted songs in the same way?
    - If a buy a song or whole CD with this song on a store, can I have permission to use it for video?

    Thanks for your replies.

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    At no time do you have permission, nor are you able to use, someone else's music in any of your videos unless you have a release, agreement, or license from the copyright holder. The fact that your intention is not for commercial use has no bearing what-so-ever.

    There are no creative ways, or justifications, to enable you to use the music. You have to have a license or permission in some other form, period.

    This may sound strict, but I am just conveying how the law is, and how important it is to have permission.



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      As long as you do not use it for getting profit or money from it, then it should be okay.


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        Youtube I believe has a program that allows you to use copyrighted music and in return enables ads, of which the revenue goes to the creator of the song, not you.



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          I think it's okay if the video you make is for personal use. As long you didnt make it as a commercial video.