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Legal Advice for Documentary - HELP

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  • Legal Advice for Documentary - HELP

    Hey guys, I am currently in pre-pro for my first feature length documentary and I've started a list of questions that regard legal issues that I am curious about.

    I realize we probably don't have lawyers on here, but this is just me looking for advice. I will be getting an entertainment lawyer before going into production.

    My documentary deals with drug abuse. I have been given permission to do some ride along in the town to see how bad things actually are. IF for whatever reason we happen upon a drug bust, how would that work in showing the dealers, users? What about responding to an overdose? How would that work?

    I am well aware of releases and everything, but I wasn't sure how that would work.

    The other question deals with local releases when flying a drone. I have a pilot and our local laws don't prohibit flying drones, however, if we are flying the drone in my town and we go over residential and private businesses, how does that work? We won't actually be stepping on private property, but we may show it. Are there rules here? I have yet to talk to my pilot about these things, I am sure he knows, but it is always good to get another opinion.

    Any advice on this?

    Thanks a ton, guys!

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    For the first question. everyone you see on COPS (everyone questioned, telling the cops what is going on, and who is detained or arrested) has signed a release.

    For the second question, a Pilot with an FAA license to operate a drone for commercial use will know the answers to your question. I believe those rules and regulations are part of their training for certification.

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