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New to the forum! Question about logos and copyright protected stuff in my series

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  • New to the forum! Question about logos and copyright protected stuff in my series

    Hey everyone,

    I recently completed three episodes of a web series I wrote and directed call The Brothers Nobody. I realize that there are a couple of places where popular and protected images can be seen. In a bar scene, you can see a poster of Captain America that's clearly visible and in another outdoors scene you see a Holiday Inn in the background. I can blur these out if necessary and right now we're not charging to watch the episodes and only plan on submitting to film festivals, etc. Wondering if I definitely need to blur out or crop the images or am I safe? Any help greatly appreciated! And I'm happy to be here.

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    If they're just seen in the background i wouldn't worry about it.
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      Thanks Mara.. yes, just the background. We paid attention to keep certain things out of focus but somehow those two things got through.


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        You do run the risk of having the logos in both shots, but the outdoor one is in a public space so you should be fine. I’d replace the Captain America poster if possible. If no one really walks in front of the shot you can do a motion track replacement of the poster with another image. If you are familiar with Adobe After Effects here’s a good tutorial that explains how to do it,

        You can do the same thing in Apple’s Motion as well. if anyone walks in front of the poster you may have to do some detail rotoscoping to further matt out the poster. Keep in mind it’s a litigious country. Marvel/Disney are big studios. If their work is seen in a film festival without their approval they may sue the festival who, in turn, will sue you.

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          Yes... removing or blurring it would be pretty easy. It's a tracking shot so a bit trickier but still doable. Thanks!


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            Even though they are protected images, I wouldn't go to all the trouble of tracking and replacing. It would just be free advertising for them to leave the original in the background.