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    Hello All,

    I am in a bit of a problem and looking for some answers. I am an MFA student at a public university in Illinois and in two weeks I will start filming my Thesis film.

    Recently I learned that the school does not offer any insurance at all and it is up to me to buy insurance for the equipment I get from them, liability insurance and workers compensation. Since all of my crew and cast volunteered to work on this project I can not purchase workers compensation, since according to the rules of the state of Illiinois volunteers are not entitled to workers compensation.

    My question is, is there any kind of insuarce I can purchase to make sure that I am covered if something happens during the filming?

    Also, I will be paying for their room and meals. If that is the case, are they still considered volunteers? What is the minimum wage I need to pay so I can purchase worker's compensation?


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    Many schools offer insurance to their students so they are covered if anything happens to the equipment they use off school property. You really shouldn’t need to get insurance for your crew as long as you have them sign a release form exempting you from blame if anything happens to them. I’d approach your school’s Program Director, or head of your equipment resources facility about any concerns you may have regarding the use of equipment, insurance and the extent of that coverage.

    - Wolf


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      Liability Insurance, this seems to be worth checking out


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        Yeah, Id recommend just having a really good contract. And be very careful about your equipment and locations, then you won't need insurance.