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    I am among the heard of indie filmmakers that works on a microbudget. Hell I work on a nanobudget. Historically you could always find crew and actors who are willing to donate their time and talent in exchange for screen credit, experience, and resume padding. Lately there has been a $*%&$& who hs been running around the actors and crew areas of Craigslist yelling that its illegal and threatening to report all filmmakers that advertise for no pay jobs to the labour board. I can already tell his motivation is from being butthurt after being turned down for a gig or something but the question remains. Is it illegal for a person to donate their time? Don't we Americans have the right to decide to what we do with our own time? Is the government really this communist now?

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    Mick, don't listen to his B.S. Your time is your time. We would all rather pay our crew or actors, but we know how this industry can be, but it is certainly not illegal. Sometimes it's necessary, if only just to find out it's not something you want to do as a career. I pose this question to you:

    Do you think it's illegal to volunteer your time at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen? Of course not. Normally, the people running the non-profit get paid, but not the volunteers.

    Working for free, or for credit, or copy, or even just lunch, is up to the person taking on the gig. That's what unpaid internships are all about. The reason most people take these unpaid jobs is because they can't get one that pays because they lack experience, so you have to take what you can get.