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  • The Upside Down...

    So, I very much enjoy the new look of this website, but the usual traffic/postings/conversation seems to be way, no posts in nearly month down. Is the site still undergoing some transition?! Just curious! Or maybe I'm doing something wrong logging in? Who knows....just seeing if anyone else has had the same thoughts!

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    I know. I think there's still some transition going on - I'm just a moderator not the owner :)
    If you want to throw up a question, I'll try to answer something and then you can argue with me (I mean reply - just kidding).

    Not sure what the reason or solution is.
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      Oh I am sure it's something like that, calibrating a website can be tricky getting it just how you want. I have a theory; the new transition did log me out of my account, which I hadn't logged out of in quite some time. So logging back in, I'm a lot of people have forgotten their passwords and such. Just a theory!

      And debates are fine with me! I haven't had a good film debate in quite some time~