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Question about how to shoot TV screens in a movie.

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  • Question about how to shoot TV screens in a movie.

    I have a low budget indie project coming up where a lot of the scenes in the plot , consist of characters looking at video footage.

    Such as the police looking at surveillance footage of crimes, or the court looking at video recorded statements made by witnesses. Things like that.

    So I would have to shoot a lot of the scenes of the video footage, before the scenes, where characters watch the recordings obviously.

    But when I do this, do I have to have the video footage, watched by the characters, all color graded with all the post production finished on them, and cannot change my mind in post later therefore? Or is it okay to leave it ungraded, and the video footage, will just grade along with the rest of the footage in the scene, when I grade the whole scene in post?

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    If you shoot some kind of log and the screens show log, you are creating a screen that looks like logged-log.
    (And if you put that scene on a screen, the screen on the screen in the scene will start to look like a very foggy day.( LOL)

    So, yeah, make it look like actual footage unless it has to look like looking at ungraded footage.
    So, yes, you will have to make up your mind in time.
    Or suffer post production hassle, which you won't have time for.


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      Okay thanks, but if the screen is log, and the footage is log, wouldn't both be graded simultaneously, if I apply one over all grade to both? If I have the screen already graded, then when I go to grade the whole scene later, wouldn't the screen in the movie look over-graded then? Cause I would be graded it twice compared to the footage? That's what I'm worried about.