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Is true that most film festivals will only accept two aspect ratios?

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  • Is true that most film festivals will only accept two aspect ratios?

    I am wanting producing and directing a movie which I would want to send into film festivals. I was thinking of shooting it in either 2.20:1, or 2.50:1 as I feel those might be the best aspect ratios to tell the story with. Both have different advantages so I would have to choose one.

    However, I was told by a filmmaker who has more experience with film festivals that most film festival projectionists, do not know how to project and size any aspect ratio you want, so most festivals will therefore only accept two aspect ratios. 1.85:1 and 2.39:1. So I would have to shoot in one of those two if I wanted higher chances of getting in.

    Another filmmaker told me that's not true, and I can shoot in whichever one I wanted and, the aspect ratio is not a disqualification for most film festivals.

    I was also advised to ask each film festival I want to send it into specifically, but I can't deliver a different aspect ratio for each one. I need to know what is the best aspect ratio to shoot in, before shooting starts, so I can frame the shots properly of course. So does anyone know what the rules are there, or if there is any?

    Thanks for any input. I really appreciate it!

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      1.85 is the most common, and 2.39 is the next most common.

      It's tough enough to get into film festivals, so don't make it even harder. Pick one of those. Don't expect festivals to jump through hoops to screen your movie.
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