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Audio question from a noob.

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  • Audio question from a noob.

    Hi guys. I'm trying to improve my knowledge on microphones and recorders. My end goal is, I'd like to be able to read and understand the specs of future devices before I purchase. I know some things like-polar patterns, noise floor. But I'm having a hard time learning ohms and impedance, frequency response and other things. When it comes to ohms, I know the mic should be below 600 and your recorder should be about 10x ohms greater than your mic for a better signal. But I don't get- why. Also, people seem to be raving about my recorders preamps compared to the previous model. (Tascam dr 60) mine is the (tascam dr60mkii) I've tried to figure out the differences but can't seem to. What are the preamps? And where in the specs can I find these things? Any links or explanations on how I can go about learning this new heap of info would be appreciated. Thank you.