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    Let us say there is a movie company you want to work with, and you got the fans or a group of people together, and did a film project discussing what they like about the company and what they would bring or do if they work for the movie company. If that happened would if better the chances of working for the movie company?

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    I would say slim to none to be honest.

    Look up production assistant. Generally, there's are thousands of these positions, more coveted as you get into higher production budgets. Production assistants get to work on film sets, and may assist with everything, but mostly grabbing coffee for others and doing menial tasks. A great deal of people who started and remain in the industry went through this ringer. It's probably how the overwhelming majority got their start in the business, unless you're incredibly lucky to have wealth , a parent or sibling all ready in the business, or have such talent and intellect that you can bypass all of it.

    You're chances are improved however if you carry the same passion and respect for film as the people hiring you. So as long as you have that going, check out production assistant jobs. I was literally at a casting call over the weekend for a low budget film and there were at least 25 PA's hanging about hoping for a job.


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      Well I am passionate, and I have ideas that would interest film companies. It may be the only thing I am good at.


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        Thats wonderful, a lot of people have that same passion going on.

        Have you discovered a way to channel this at all? Perhaps having written a script? Shot some video? Playing around with sound mixing?


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          Making spec scripts and ideas. Do you know how that is helpful. I don't have the resources.