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How many attempts should I give a movie maker to make a movie once I've signed on?

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  • How many attempts should I give a movie maker to make a movie once I've signed on?

    A filmmaker hired me to do production sound and editing for a feature film he would like to make and I wanted to be a part of it for the experience, but also for something to do, job wise.

    He has made two attempts to get a whole cast and crew together, to get funding. The first time, pre-production already started with sets being build, costumes being made, etc. Then for some reason (I don't even remember the reason now, as that was two years ago), the movie ended getting cancelled shortly before shooting.

    The next year after, another attempt was made and they got funding, but the funders pulled out a little later, and there was no money to make it too production again.

    Now this year, the filmmakers were able to get a known actor to do it, and since this actor is known, they got bigger funders coming in now, wanting to make it, because of the known actor. So they want me on again now, they said, and that it's a go this time.

    The first two attempts though, I turned down other projects though, cause I signed on with them, only to have it not happen. Not that I am complaining, I understand that things do not follow through. But should I stay signed on again, and refuse other projects coming up from other people, to stay on this one? I am worried that it just might be cancelled again, so I am wondering, is it wise to stay on, after two failed attempts already?

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    I think you'd be totally justified in saying "no" on the third time. BUT if you like the project and if (and only if) they have a date when they plan to go into production, I might give them one more chance. But that's definitely the last one.
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