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    Remember the Steven Seagal film Hard to Kill? Well there a Direct-To-Video film I would like to mention: Out for Blood, starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson as John Decker a lawyer whose family is killed by drug smugglers but he survives and with partial amnesia, he becomes the Karate Man as he tries to find those responsible.
    There are a few similarities but it's more like a side movie. That seems to be a spin-off.
    Remember the film Con Air? Well there is a movie I would like to recommend, Evasive Action also known as Steel Train, and stars Dorian Harewood as Luke Sinclair a man whose family was killed and when the killer went free he gunned down the killer, then went to jail, then when he saves the life of imprisoned crime lord Enzo Marcelli (Roy Scheider) he ends up in a prison transfer where Marcelli tries to escape with help from his henchmen, and Luke takes it on himself to stop them.
    The movie brings together 3 actors who were special guest villains on Walker, Texas Rangers: Sam J. Jones (Thomas Bodine Williams/Mick Stanley), Ed O'Ross (Max Kale), and Ray Wise (Garrett Carlson), an appearance by Don Swayze the brother of Patrick Swayze, and criminals who have nicknames similar to the villains in Con Air, and even a reference to Con Air, when the Warden tells a Marshall that Airlines won't transfer prisoners after a plane went down in Las Vegas.
    Remember The Karate Kid? Well there is a side movie called Showdown (1993) starring Billy Blanks as Billy Grant an ex-cop who resigns after Accidently killing a man in self-defense and becomes a janitor at a local school then comes a new kid named Ken Marks (Kenn Scott) who falls for Julie Martin (Christine Taylor) and runs afoul of her possessive boyfriend and school bully Tom Slate (Ken MacLeod) but learns Martial Arts from Billy Grant and together teach the bully a lesson and Billy face his past in the form of Lee Powers (Patrick Kilpatrick) Tom's teacher who is also the brother of the man he killed.
    There are some similarities with The Karate Kid.

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    I do remember Hard to Kill...Out for Justice was a pretty good one too, I thought William Forsythe as Richie was one of the better (and more fun to watch) Segal villains