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Recording in Dual Mono/ Mono question,Left headphone

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  • Recording in Dual Mono/ Mono question,Left headphone

    My gear

    Recorder-Tascam Dr 60D MKii

    Mic-Samson C02


    48/24 WAV

    NLE- Sony vegas pro 12 ( Looking to up grade soon)


    My question is in regards to recording dialogue. I know you're meant to record in Mono and I know what Dual mono is but Why is it that with this recorder when I record in MONO I can hear out of Both the left and right headphone channels where as with my old recorder and gear: Recorder, Marantz PMD 661, Rode NTG2 ( Same settings) Whenever I would record people talking I would only hear it in my left ear?

    Some people in other forums have said that when recording MONO you should still be able to hear out of both L and R channel and that " Some strange" must have been going on when I was using my Marantz because I was only able to hear out of my Left Chan. But I keep reading different things about that.


    Note- pictures are not from my DAW, it is a random google image.

    Im a bit confused at what the difference is when it comes to these Audio files. How come some Audio Files have audio waves on the bottom and top and other Audio Files have just a single Audio wave in it?

    My theroy is the Audio file with the waves on top and bottom are stereo and the singular Audio File is a Mono track? if that is the case then I wonder why my old recorder, ( Marantz PMD 661) upon uploading in my NLE would show my Dual Mono recorded files in the "Top and bottom" type of audio file? Where as my Tascam Dr 60D Mkii will up load the audio files in my NLE as the singular audio wave. ( Dual mono also with the tascam)

    Very confusing why I get these two different results when for the most part these two recorders are on the same setting. Only difference I cant think of is the Marantz was set to 96/24 instead of 48/24 but I high doubt that setting is the " problem"

    it's all a mystery to a no0b like me so any feedback would be appreciated and any links as well.

    Thank you.

    Was unable to upload the pics but I hope my explanation/description on the two different looking audio files was clear

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    For question one, where you are hearing the mono signal is dependent on its pan position. A mono signal can be panned anywhere between hard left and hard right. So I would say the return signal from the old recorder was being panned hard left and for the new recorder it is being reproduced in the center.

    For question two, yes a single wave form is a mono file and a duel wave form is a stereo file. Duel mono is an identical sound on both the left and right channels of a wave form or top and bottom as you call it.

    I’m not a field recording guy, but my guess would be in the Marantz recorder you could have adjusted your settings. You probably could have adjusted the pan playback from hard left to center and you may have been able to tell it how to export mono recordings i.e. to a single wave form (mono) instead of a “top and bottom” wave form (duel mono).

    I think your new Tascam unit is configured more correctly. Exporting a mono recording to a single wave form and having it play back from the center is ideal.


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      Studio nine. Thanks you.