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  • Room Tone Question

    Hi guys, newbie here.

    My audio gear
    -Tascam Dr 60D MKii
    -Samon c02
    -homemade boompole and Rode blimp.

    As stated, I am wondering about room tone and how to record it. What gain level should I set my recorder at to record Roomtone? also, what direction do I place the mic in while recording Roomtone? I've heard that you keep the mic in the same spot when recording dialogue but what about when you have more than one person in the scene talking and you are cutting in between them?

    Also Like dialogue, should I record the Roomtone in Mono? or stereo?

    When it comes to outside, would I record my "Outside tone" same question, Mono or stereo? Also I plan on getting a Rode NTG4+ for outside recording in the near future. So with that in mind, would I record the "Outside tone" with my Rode NTG4+ or Samson c02? I wonder this because the Samson c02 is a cardoid so in my noobie mind, a cardioid mic would be better for picking up the "Outside" tone as opposed to the Rode NTG4+ but I could be wrong. a couple other questions I have about "Outside tone" is gain levels and where to point the mic.

    I have heard the phrase- Set your roomtone gain to your peek diaoge gain. That is confusing because sometimes people need to be gain adjusted a lot. I don't know, Just confused. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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      Hi Pinkstar. I'm glad to hear that you are paying attention to room tone. Very important. Definitely record at the same level that you record dialogue. Use the four points. get several seconds of room tone on all four points, that way you have what you need in post sound. The Tascam is a great unit.




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        great question

        I agree with dakiller: the gain should be the same as the dialog. so basically it's a pretty easy procedure. The only thing is to find the tones in post. As a system I usually record the first minute or 2 for room tone after setting the caps. Do it as a regular and mandatory step and you'll always know where the tones are (at the beginning).
        when the dialog is about two people I personally add 2 more mono tracks to the main (boom) using separate lavalier mics (My personal choice is the giant squid that I honestly prefer to any sennheiser)
        The lavalier sound is distinct and cold but saved me so many times. It's a little bit of more work in post but if the booms did their job then I don't use the extra tracks... only when I need it. and at times I did need them. That's just my personal habit..not saying that it should work for others..
        great question by the way!


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          What do you guys mean the 4 points? and what about for sound effects? thanks a lot so far :)


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            Ah. Sorry for not being more clear. The four points are the direction that you position your mic. North, South, East, and West. Or Forward, Rear, Left, and Right. This is so you can get good sound from all directions, then mix as needed in editing.


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              room tone is essentially the ambient sound present in a scene and in my experience (not a sound mixer myself) it is generally 10 to 15 seconds of quiet directly after a master shot. No special set up outside of everyone staying in their exact positions. Some sounders will insist on "room tone" after every scene (POV's, etc) but I have seen varying degree's of blowback from actors and directors when the sound person goes beyond the 10 to 15 second time frame, and insists on room tone for every POV of a single set scene.....


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                I also have a question about four points. Should I just get room tome for every shot, cause the mic is pointed in a different direction in every shot, and just get one for each one and then play them all at the same time in post?


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                  Thx killas