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Is working with this investor a good idea in this case?

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  • Is working with this investor a good idea in this case?

    A filmmaker who I helped out on projects before, wanted to direct his first feature film, and wanted to get funding. He hired on a cast and crew, and I he gave me a job as editor on the movie, as well as one of the boom operators, since I did sound recording and editing for him before.

    When he was getting funding, he was able to find an investor willing to fund the movie, who has some serious connections in different cities, including L.A.

    However, the investor wouldn't fund the movie unless he got to replace the cast and crew with his own, who he got to choose from. So the director, wanting to make the movie, allowed him to replace the cast and crew with his own, and he still got to direct.

    I was wondering, if in order to direct the feature I want to direct, if I should go to the same investor, especially since I know a director who has worked with him now, and have a connection through him?

    But the thing I fear is, is a director having their cast and crew decided for them, by someone else, a a bad idea, in the sense, that it might be more challenging for the director, if they cannot pick people they feel they would work best with?

    I thought perhaps I should work with some people I worked before and have prior connections and working relationships with, rather than take funding from an investor, who will supply me with total strangers. But also, perhaps working with new people is a good thing, and you never know what can come of it?

    Or maybe the higher up investors, know who is best to work with, and that is why they have the connections? What do you think? Would presenting my script and wanting to direct it, to this investor, seem like a good idea?

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    You can submit your script and see what he says. There's no guarantee that he'll be interested, but you won't know unless you try.

    It's certainly reasonable for an investor who is financing all or most of the project to want control of how it's made.
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      and that brings us to taste the reality: there is no democracy in a movie set, case in point: the moment you get your paid job back you will be the first to comply to the cuts (of the others).
      in other words : this is a business where money talks and "connections" are the only substitute, but mostly is a money driven thing. for any project past present and future.


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        Okay thanks. As long as the actors they choose are good and easy to work with and all that. Do you think when I apply to investors I could say that I wish direct and edit it as well, since I really like editing as well, or would it make a bad impression if I wanted to do more than one job, even though, the other job would be in post?


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          You can ask anything you want. They may only want the script - if they like it - and not want you to direct it. Then you have to decide if you're will to accept that.
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