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    Does anyone know of a site where you can sell a movie idea? Just post it, and wait for someone to respond or does such a thing exits?

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    Ideas are pretty worthless - I don't mean yours in specific but everyone's. It's the execution of the idea that can, potentially, have value.
    Screenwriter and script consultant:


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      Well do you know of ways to carry out an idea?


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        Emulation with a twist of something new~ Nothing is really new in this world anymore, but attracting enough attention is really all anyone needs sometimes.

        Whenever I am trying to figure out how to make a living composing scores, which is often, I look at the films that have extraordinarily effective scores. I listen to composers whom I believe had an incredible sense intuition when choosing their instruments, themes, and overall signature sound. I study and look at the ways they accomplished everything~

        I then mimic, emulate, shadow, whatever you want to call it, I work to create something that is similar in some ways, and different in the exact ways I want it to be. One of the closest examples I can mention as of late is any Star Wars score written by someone other than John Williams. The general brush strokes are the same, but some colors might be different, or vice versa.

        The point is, sticking close to established norms creates comfort for the audience. Creating a subtle fork in the road that is inventive and stands out is a good place to start with your ideas. I wouldn't suggest anything avant garde this society has a difficult time digesting that sort of stuff~


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          What if I put an ad in a paper, like Craig's List that I am looking for a job in Entertainment Media, and my ideas. Would that help?


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            I would avoid craigslist entirely, it's not really a place to post such ideas as the video/art/media sections have been taken over by scammers mostly.

            Depending on where you live, you may be able to locate a production house. Independent films are huge and there are a lot of smaller places that make films and shoot video. This may be an area you could connect with those who are also beginning and maybe able to meet/discuss ideas in person.

            I hope you understand that making a living seeking what you are inspired to do at the moment would be considered a pipe dream. Creating a "reel of work" is the first step to showing others you're a capable filmmaker. You have to reach a level of competence before others spend a pretty penny on producing your ideas.

            Work backwards on these type of sites, forums, etc. Find producers, directors that are open to kicking around new ideas and maybe that will open a door to writing a small script or participating in a production to get some experience~


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              I live in Burnsville MN. MN is a good investment for filmmakers from what I saw in an article.


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                My ideas are for Disney, which includes their outreach to the community, along with film and TV ideas. My ideas for their outreach will help them to have better public relations, and better their community outreach, and for TV and movies make them more money.
                If anyone knows how I can help get these ideas to Disney then let me know.