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  • I won a Movi Pro...

    Hey guys!

    New to the forum, had a look around and looking forward to getting into conversations and helping wherever I can :)

    My first question, which I'm hoping someone can answer for me, is to do with selling expensive camera equipment.

    So back in the summer, I was the incredibly lucky winner of the July Prize Draw, by Freefly, and I won a brand new Movi Pro with Handheld Bundle - that's the mimic - and I received it in September.

    Obviously I was blown away, and I opened it (even made an unboxing video) and set it up... then I packed it away all nice and neat, and has remained this way since. Now, I've had jobs where I COULD have used it. But I have a GH5, with no external monitor right now - and I also have a ronin-s, so it's just not inline with the rest of my level of camera equipment. So it's stayed nice and cosy in its boxes.

    MY QUESTION: Where the heck can I sell this thing?

    Obviously, it's brand spanking new, although I have opened it and set it up. If you were to buy this, it'd cost around 6,400. I've contacted the popular camera stores that do part-ex and buy for cash - like MBP, ProAV, Wex, etc - they've all turned me down, saying they don't buy stuff that big/expensive. I guess because it's kind of niche.

    I'd very much like to steer clear of eBay and gumtree...

    If you have any ideas, let me know!

    Thanks in advance.