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The Blair Witch Project vs. Unfriended Why one was better then the other?

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  • The Blair Witch Project vs. Unfriended Why one was better then the other?


    I always loved ‘The Blair Witch Project’ for making so much money from such a low budget film. Now for 21st century internet age they decided to follow a similar kind of formula with the film ‘Unfriended’, which nowhere near comes as close to being as good as the Blair Witch Project. Why did one film succeed so much financially more then the other did? Was it just because ‘The Blair Witch Project’ is just a better movie, is at as simple as that, or is their more to it?Furthermore, what really makes a film great over being just mediocre?

    The Blair Witch Project
    Budget: $60,000
    Box Office : $248.6 million

    Budget: $1 million
    Box Office : $64.1 million

    Thank you

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    First, welcome to Filmmaker Forum!

    Your real question as to good vs great movies is one that people spend their entire lives trying to answer - both when looking at other people's work and when making their own. I'd say that you need great writing (as a writer, I'm biased in favor of that being the single most important factor), plus terrific directing and acting. If the writer doesn't develop interesting, complex characters who the viewer wants to learn about, follow, and get to know, all of the suspense and action in the world won't make it a great movie.

    I'm not a huge fan of Blair Witch Project, but I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for what the filmmakers created and how they tapped into something in the collective psyche.

    I watched about half of Unfriended on streaming, and turned it off. I found the characters uninteresting, but more than that, I found watching everything simply happen on screens that don't move to be boring. But it was successful enough to generate a sequel, and most their profit margin was great, even if it didn't hit Blair Witch territory.
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      Thanks for the warm welcome, mara.

      Not too many people in this forum though, wish there were more people here so I could hear their thoughts on the matter. Film directors ...a dying breed, especially the great ones. We have to turn that all around and make film great again...better even!

      Anyway, I’m more of a visual artist than a writer, as you can probably tell. I WISH I was better at writing ( I’m working on it hard though )so I could write my own short films, but my short films are more akin to the works of Stan Brakhage, no words at all. I want to direct a feature film someday and doing short films really helps me to learn and gain a better understanding of the technical aspects and technique behind film making.

      By the way were you born before or after TBWP came out in theaters? If you were born after it came out in theaters then that definitely explains why you didn’t like it so much. Some movies are better seen with an audience and The Blair Witch Project is one of them. With TBWP you could sense the tension in the theater, it was unbelievable. People walked out of the theater not talking and that’s a big deal. With most movies people come out talking, but with this movie everyone was in shock, at least at the theater I went to anyway. In your case I would watch it again , but this time with a bunch of people. Then see if your attitude of the film changes. Or try rewatching it alone tonight, if you only watched it once It requires at least another viewing.

      Unfriended was so bad, the only reason I can think that it has a sequel is because people are quite dumb in general and know nothing of film literacy. If I had my way film literacy would be tought in every high school in the US.
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        Unfriended was trying to appeal to a very critical audience (teenagers and young adults) by looking down at them, which is a big no-no. It's also a really really really bad film - if you watch Adam from Yourmoviesucks's review of it on Youtube, you'll see exactly what makes it bad.


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          Originally posted by Mara : By the way were you born before or after TBWP came out in theaters?
          I was born quite a bit before TBWP came out in theaters. But that's a good question and I definitely get your point.

          As far as writing is concerned, you might try taking a purely visual approach to it. Draw storyboards to show what you want to be in it, then work with actors and a DP to turn it into a short film. You can go with no dialogue at first, then (if you have good actors) you can try having them improv some dialogue.
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