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Is this lens worth buying for a feature film shoot?

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  • Is this lens worth buying for a feature film shoot?

    I am planning the pre-production for a feature film, and I was wondering if I should get this lens for it:

    It's a good price. However, the camera we will most likely be using is the Sony A7s, so in order to fit that lens on the Sony, I would need an adapter. The Sony makes a zoom lens as well for a similar price but it only goes up to 200mm, where as this one goes up to 300mm for the same price, so I thought this one might better.

    However, I am told by some people that I might as well just spend more money on a 300mm prime lens, cause primes look a lot better than zooms when it comes to cinematography, and when it comes to wanting to get my feature into festivals and market it, the investors really want the look of prime lenses over zooms. But what do you think?

    Do I have to get a 300mm prime to make a feature look good enough to look professional, as long as the storytelling is good?

    Plus I did some comparison tests where I would compare a zoom to a prime I already have. I shot with the camera in the same place with both lenses, at the same focal length, the same aperture, the same shutter speed, etc.

    And I have to say, I cannot tell a difference hardly between the prime and the zoom, while they are both at the same settings. So maybe I just have bad primes then? But what do you think?
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    How many shoots have you done where you needed a 300MM?

    Rarely have I ever needed anything longer than about an 85mm when shooting a narrative film. I have a 55-300 lens but I have only used it for shooting cicadas for a documentary.



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      Well basically the lens is for getting action shots, where on a tripod, where I can cover a lot of ground, such as these shots in Seven Samurai:

      I was told I would need at least a 150mm to get some of the closer up shots such as the guy running at 0:24 into the clip. Now I don't need to zoom in as far as 300mm per say. But the 70-300mm is on sale for a good price at moment.


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        What if I bought a lens that zoomed up to 200mm instead, would that be enough to get shots that are zoomed in that far, on a full frame camera?


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          Just so you know if you do not want to buy the lens and would prefer to rent, is a very good place to check.


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            Oh okay thanks! I will check it out!