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Question about color correction for my short film.

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  • Question about color correction for my short film.

    I directed my first scene for a short film and I wanted some shots to have a deep depth of field, and the more close up shots, to have a shallow DOF.

    The DP had to make the more shallow DOF shots brighter, cause of the limitations with aperture exposure, but he said that I should be able to bring it down in post, as there is a lot of dynamic range to play with on the camera he was using.

    However, now that I am putting the scene together, I find it literally impossible to try to get the shots to match when it comes to exposure. I can't get the shots that are more exposed, to match the shots that are less exposed. I've tried color correction plug ins, in premiere pro, such as curves, brightness, and gamma, but none of them will give me a match. Does anyone know how to bring exposure down to match the other shots particularly? I don't think the more exposed shots are blown out, they just have a higher contrast, and I cannot even the contrast out to match the deeper DOF shots.

    Does anyone know how?

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    Greetings, IP!

    As long as your DP shot picture elements in flat lighting conditions in a robust capture format (e.g., Raw), a myriad of effects can be accomplished during color grading. However, all professional applications in this area are VERY deep and require considerable training before use. Few if any "templates" are available in this regard. Have a look at the book referenced below. Hope this helps!


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      Okay thanks. The DP was using a camera I am not familiar with when it comes to codecs. He was not shooting RAW, but he said the codec he was using should have room to play around. But it feels like it doesn't have that much room really.