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Glidecam HD-PRO vs. Devin Graham Signature Glidecam.

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  • Glidecam HD-PRO vs. Devin Graham Signature Glidecam.

    I've played around with some stabilizers and gimbals lately to see which one to buy and I think I am going to pick between these two. However, is the Devin Graham one worth paying the extra $300 around for it? It has all these extra features which look good, but I read a couple of reviews that talk about the camera slipping on the new type of release plate holder it has.

    But maybe that's not a problem usually and all the extra features are well worth it to save time on shoots possibly? Does anyone know?

    The decision on glidecam is not final yet, but I am liking the results people are giving so far. However, out of all the videos I've seen of people, they are using wide lenses all the time like 11-16 mm, and I want long lens shots, cause they can cover more movement, so if I were to put say an 85mm or longer, could the glidecam handle that with the footage still being smooth, as long as I practice with it lots, do you think? It's hard to say cause I cannot find any glidecam footage, with long lenses.
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    This is a test video wich I made with glidecam footage that turned out pretty great even though I'm just beginning with it. I used it with my GoPro+ , if you wanna buy a glidecam, go ahead and buy the Glidecam XR Pro or Glidecam Xr-1000, here you can find more,I promise you won't regret it, you just gotta put 80% of the weights on top of the Glidecam and first thing you should do is calibrate your gimbal or else you'll never achieve dynamic balance and maybe even static balance.