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A friend of mine wants to make movie adaptations/reboots

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  • A friend of mine wants to make movie adaptations/reboots

    Someone I know on Facebook has recently invited me to a group wherein he and his friends post ideas for movies they want to see made. What I've noticed so far is that almost all the ideas they've posted are either reboots of earlier movies, adaptations of books and comics, or otherwise based on existing intellectual property. I believe my friend himself has stated he wants to set up an animation studio that specializes in book adaptations.

    The question I have is how he and his friends could get any of their ideas made into movies. Presumably they're inspired by Hollywood's current infatuation with reboots and comic-book adaptations, but I am not confident that individuals who don't already have a foothold in the industry can pull that kind of thing off. A big studio might get away with it since they can simply buy the rights to any IP they want, but these guys (as far as I can tell) aren't in that position to do so. If any of them were to write a screenplay based on someone else's IP and submit it to an agent, it'd look like someone submitting their fanfiction to a publishing company. Could my friend, or his friends, really succeed in that endeavor.

    (By the way, I'm in the process of outlining a screenplay myself. It's an original idea of mine rather than based off someone else's IP though.)

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    I suspect that this falls under the heading of "talk is cheap." No, I don't think they'd succeed in getting such a movie made, but maybe by tossing around re-boot ideas they may come up with a good, original idea.

    Good luck with your original screenplay - I know from experience just how hard it is.
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