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Who calls 'cut' in this type of situation?

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  • Who calls 'cut' in this type of situation?

    While shooting, if something goes wrong with the video or audio, I don't want the DP or PSM to not say anything and still let the scene play out, if it means the video or audio is useless. Sometimes I cannot stand behind the camera to see everything or listen into the headphones to hear everything as director all the time.

    So if there is a problem I feel the person should say 'cut', and mention it, but since I am the one who calls cut, how would they bring something like this up, if only the director is allowed to break the shoot?

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    Or I guess I should ask, how can I persuade my DP and PSM to come to me if there is a problem? I have been shooting a short film and there are problems with the video and audio, but I feel that they do not mention to me, and I only find out later, after the scenes are shot. So how would I, the director, encourage them to speak up about the problems, instead of finding out later?


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      My method:
      After cut I look at the DoP and the audioperson and I ask them: "And?"

      It is that simple.

      If something goes completely wrong they often say so without yelling cut. They leave it to me.


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        Okay thanks. I did do that, but they said it was all good, and did not mention that the audio was way too quiet or that the actor moved out of frame, for a few seconds.


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          The latter is because you are not really directing if you can't watch.


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            Well on some shoots I have to be the operator of the boom, or fill in for acting for a character, but other directors have done that as well, and I would like to be able to multitask, if need be.


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              Those other directors, me included, find ways to boom and still monitor what is being shot.


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                Okay thanks. I'll try to do that next time.