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Am I being unfair by letting this actor go?

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  • Am I being unfair by letting this actor go?

    A couple of days before a shoot, an actor canceled on me but said he would be available next week for sure, and he was still really stoked about doing it. However, I kind of decided to just rewrite the script without him, without giving him another chance, since he said he would by next week.

    Mainly I was afraid the other actors might loose interest so I decided to go ahead without him so far, but now having second thoughts, especially since he is a good actor, and the story kind of suffers without the character I feel. What do you think? Was I perhaps too dismissive, on one cancelation, since he said he would do it in a few days?

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    Did you already tell him that you were writing him out of the script? If not, then I'd say don't tell him and see if you can still work it out with him.
    If you already told him, it's likely he won't be interested in returning to the project, but you can try.
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      I didn't tell him yet. So far he is going to be a reduced character now, with script changes made, since the other actors really wanted to shoot something today. That is the plan so far, and we will see how it turns out. I fear the actors are going to be disappointed with the script changes though, once they show up and find out it has all been changed.