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Colour, the forgotten component.

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  • Colour, the forgotten component.

    We all do colour grading to help further the emotion of our films but do we think about colour in our design of the film?

    Here's a good video on colour to make you think about your next project.

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    Good video. The project I am working on now is the first one where I am going to deal with the colors in pre-production in order to have a color pallet to go by. It is a comedy to be shot outdoors so there is a lot of natural colors, but the character's clothing is going to be color specific to match their personalities.

    Something else I plan to utilize is contrast to set mood for different scenes. I can soften a scene by using reflected light, or a battery powered fill if reflected light is not enough, and then there will be shadows from the branches and leaves that I can amp up the contrast even more in post if needed to intensify other scenes.

    There is so much that color does for a film.