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Wind and Dust Effects on Camera

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  • Wind and Dust Effects on Camera

    Hi everyone,

    I am in the process of planning a music video shoot, and some of the elements necessary are wind and lots of swirling dust.

    Think, the old Ridley Scott commercial from 1990 done for Nissan.(Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Commercial)

    You can easily see the example of Mr. Scott's commercial on Youtube. The forum won't allow me to post a link to it because I'm new here.

    Now, outside of shooting in a desert location with lots of sand and either a wind machine, or leaf blower, etc. I'd like to get advice, thoughts, suggestions on how to go about this in a way that looks good on camera, while keeping my performers safe.

    Looking forward to hearing peoples' thoughts!

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    A wind machine is probable the best way to go, and use particle emitters in programs like After Effects, Motions or Nuke.

    - Scooter Wolf


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      Thanks for your thoughts and advice! I appreciate it!

      I know a good VFX supervisor, so I'll talk to him about your recommendation concerning After Effects, Motions or Nuke.

      Again, I appreciate your thoughts! Thank you!