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Any external shot markers or portable shot markers to record time codes

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  • Any external shot markers or portable shot markers to record time codes

    Hi all, I was in a shoot last week in which we were filming actuality in the street 24hours a day for a week with a Sony PMW200.

    As we were filming the different characters they were key moments in the different conversations that were happening on the fly that I wanted to mark in order to tell my producer to go strait those points in post production when editing. But we couldn’t stop whiles recording to make a note of those moments as everything was too quick.

    Some cameras could select a bottom to pre-set it as a shot marker so you can press it if you find an interesting moment whiles filming and it would place a marker in the clip that could be spotted strait away in the timeline when the clip is imported in the editing software.

    I know that most “cheaper” cameras don’t have that feature and my plan would be to free run the timecode at the normal time of the day in the camera and then find a small or portable “chronometer” or similar that every time you press it would memorise the time of the day that it was pressed.

    If I find something similar I could try to attach it to the camera or my hand whiles filming and I could press it quickly without interrupting the filming process and that would leave a mark everytime I press it during the day’s filming and every evening I could make a note of all those times ensuring that my producer would look at those times thoroughly whiles he is in the edit.

    I have tried to find gadget that could work like that but seems to be impossible to find something. Any suggestions on how could I record the different timecodes throughout the day with any portable devices or something?.

    Thanks so much