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  • Paid Job Looking for DP

    Hello friends,

    I'm currently producing a short film titled "Badges" and am looking for a skilled and ambitious DP.
    This is a SAG project with a great team. There is pay;) I have all the equipment, 2 DSLR's , steadicam, shoulder rig, tripod, etc.
    All I need is someone that is passionate, has a great eye and loves gritty films. This will shoot mid November in and around Los Angeles.

    "In the midst of nationwide race riots- A devoted cop, Brooks, aims to bridge the gap between citizens and law enforcement- while teamed with a jaded and impulsive partner."

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    When do you want to shoot?

    Not that I think I can get a visum for this, but I think everyone would like to know :)

    (Would be fun, though to go back to California :p )


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      Thanks. This shoots in mid Nov.


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        How many days do you expect to shoot? And between which dates?
        If you really intend to use the steadycam: state clearly whether you need the DOP to be able to use it.

        The more clear a casting or crew call is, the better the responses you'll get are. The amount of replies might be lower, but a higher percentage will fit your needs. And it saves you time as you don't have to send everyone an extra email to ask whether they are available on certain dates or whether or not they can use a steadycam.

        (At least that is my experience.)


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