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  • CG or Puppets

    I have an idea for a short film and I am torn between whether to make latex puppets with CG backgrounds or to do the whole thing as CG. The idea will work as either, but I am trying to pick the method that will be less for work for an individual to carry out. So hard to decide!!!

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    Have you worked with foam latex in this way before?



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      Location wise CG only needs a computer. Puppets need some kind of set.
      Both options need various skills and plenty of time :)

      Steve's question is important: if you have never done that, you can't really judge what the best method is. That is no problem is you take the time to experiment. Good luck!


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        Hi, thanks guys for your replies. Yes I have worked with Clay and Latex before. I find it so tricky to decide as there so many pros and cons for each. I really love puppet work because of the fact you can get acting performance really quickly. With CG its a lot of work to get performances and I personally find it ruins the creative process for me. I love all the modelling, texturing etc, but rigging and animation is not something I enjoy much. So the Pros for me with CG is that its clean and I can get results fairly quickly, whereas making puppets takes a long time. So I suppose I have to choose whether I want to work a long time on puppet making or CG animating. The other option is animating my CG models with motion capture using a Kinect Sensor, but I am not totally sure if that's a good idea of not. Plus another one of the cons to CG is making and simulating clothes is very time consuming as well. By the way I am not trying to get away from doing lots of hard work, I just want to make sure I am going down the right path before I start if you know what I mean. If I went the Puppet route I would be doing greenscreens and CG backgrounds so I wouldn't really be making any sets physically apart from the odd thing in the foreground. Decisions, decisions!!! haha


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          Walter, I know Alan Tuskes from Robert Kurtzman's Creature Corp and Precinct 13. He's done SFX make-up and creatures for many big Hollywood films. I've spoke with him about what he does and there is SO MUCH to foam latex. To get the kind of results that he does takes years and years of experience with differing formulas for differing temperatures and humidity.

          For a fun project, someone whose never done it before it could be a ball. It just depends on their expectations. It's not like building a plastic model. Alan says "The stuff will make you it's bitch."



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            I don't think my reply was approved, bit weird.

            I did a post thanking you guys for replying, but it said it would have to wait for approval before it was posted. I think its got lost in the abyss.
            Yes I have worked with Clay & Latex a lot before, so I know that there is a lot involved. I am just trying to weight up which way to go, because it will either be lots of work with puppet making or lots of work animating.

            The cons of CGI is that I hate animating because it is so slow to get a performance. I am thinking of setting up my Kinect to try and get some performance from that to drive my models, but not sure how well that will work yet. Some people have got some good results. I find my creativity starts to lag when I am spending too long on something.

            I love live action as it very fast to get the performances you want and its quick to redo it.

            I am not good at decisions, does it show? haha
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