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    As we finished shooting at various locations for my road trip feature DETOURS ( ), our location manager frequently gave the owners photos of the shoot in their space. I didn't realize how much people appreciated that until this week - check out my blog post below to see why.
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    That is an amazing idea I never thought of, giving photos of the shoot to the owners of the locations who allowed us to shoot there. That would provide even more good will, and also the possibility that they would be on display, as you mention, and provide some promotion of the project.

    I have experienced many times how fascinated people are to have a film shot on their location. It is exciting and intriguing to them. It provides good stories for them to tell. Giving them photos of the event is even better because now they have something to show. It also makes it all more significant to have photos from the crew that was there. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with your premier.



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      I agree with Steve, that's a great idea from Mara to give location owners a photograph memento from shooting at their place and when it's from a restaurant or a bar you just know it's going up on the wall.
      Extra publicity and a nice touch, win-win.


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        That's Mara. I think I will follow your lead as all my locations are donated, not rented.


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          Aww... that's very nice of you to do that for your location/property owner. I'm sure they really appreciate it very much. Whatever we filmmakers can do to make the property owners feel special for allowing us to shoot our projects at their place, is always a good thing.
          It makes for a good story, and if we come back to their same locations again in the near future, who knows, they might give us a discount :) But either way, it's a nice gesture.
          Your story, Mara, inspires me to do the same..
          By the way, there's this service/website that I use to scout potential filming locations, they're basically an airbnb for us filmmakers. And they're really really good. It's in case you guys are interested.
          I gotta think of creative ways too now to extra-thank the owners of the next properties/locations my team will be shooting at.


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            Thanks Joseph. But please be up front if you work for Wrapal. There's nothing wrong with promoting your business here if it's film related - and this clearly is.
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              Hello Mara,

              I joined Amazon Prime a few weeks ago and watched Detours yesterday, well done! Tara Westwood did a fine acting job. I liked the Indian music cue in the Richard Kind scene and the bluesy cue in the first beach scene. I'll bet you had some challenges filming in a car, on beaches and etc!

              Michael Nickolas
              Studio Nine Productions


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                Thanks Michael! If you can take a moment to leave a good rating and (brief) review, I'd greatly appreciate it - that really IS our advertising.

                We did indeed have some major challenges but had a great team, both actors and crew. FYI we shot all of the interiors in the NYC/NJ area, where I'm based. We shot exteriors in North Carolina, South Carolina (Myrtle Beach), Savannah, and the Tampa/Saint Pete area in Florida as well as some around here. If you (or anyone else) has specific questions about what we did/how we did it, please feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer!
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                  Mara next time you find yourself shooting in the Tampa Bay area shoot a note to me so I can come to the location and see your work.