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  • Permits

    So I have found out for certain locations I wish to film in I need a permit, as this is our first production I am not to familiar with the goings on in the film makers world.

    As the documentary is about the american dream, we thought for the opening shot what would be better than the State of Liberty.

    After all it was historically the first site people saw coming to live the dream in America.

    However what is the likely hood of being accepted for a permit to film, in addition to I need to source on for most locations including our own office as we lease it, if this is the case filming could get very expensive.

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    The New York Film Commission would be a better place to ask this question. They should be able to give you all the details on the costs.

    NYS Governors Office of Motion Picture and Television Development


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      What State/City are you in?
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        New York City, NY
        Alexandria, VA
        Washington DC
        and finally Tampa, FL