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  • IMDB question.

    I have checked the site a few times and for the life of me I can not find the answer to one question. How does a production company or producer put their work on IMDB?

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    With A LOT of difficulty. Us Sinners took forever to get listed. If you're a Pro member it's easier. But, it all has to be worded correctly.

    Until a movie has distribution, a film festival premiere that can be verified on the net, it's almost impossible to be listed.

    Every person in the movie I was working on has an IMDB page. It even has Joel Reed (writer/director of Bloodsucking Freaks) in a small role. Yet, they won't list it yet.

    But, a friend of mine who is a Pro-Member has had a movie listed which will never be made. It's been close to 7 years, and not one frame has been shot.

    Fill out the form and try and try again. It's hard and frustrating, just don't give up till they say they won't list it.


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      Which Form? I can't find one on the site. That is why I was wondering if I had to be a Pro-Member to get one listed.


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        I went through this for years. IMDb is a business. Do business with them and you're in.

        Either submit a film to festivals via Withoutabox or make one of your films available on Amazon through CreateSpace. IMDb, Withoutabox and CreateSpace are all owned by Amazon. Then try for a listing.

        Once you're in, it becomes much easier to add credits.
        2001 Productions Web Site


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          Try this link. Update


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            How do you get on IMDB as an actress. I played in tons of things as a baby (rosaenne show as baby ed for a season, Lifetime movie as ben aflecks daughter, honeymoon in las vegas baby, 1992 michelin tire baby) I have always wondered why I wasn't on IMDB though. Do I need to contact them?


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              Sheila: the only way I can think that you can attempt to add yourself to certain shows and movies is by the UPDATE DATA button.

              On the left side of the screen is usually a tiny poster of whatever the project is. Below that are a bunch of buttons. The last one is UPDATE DATA. Then just follow the screens.