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Having trouble with my DSLR. Please help!!

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  • Having trouble with my DSLR. Please help!!

    I have a Canon Rebel T3i and I've used it for every project I work on and it usually looks like this or this

    But, recently when I've been using it it comes out looking like this

    No matter how focused I am on a subject, it still looks a little soft around all the edges and even kinda shiny or colorful (the bandanna on the wall). I'm 99.9% positive it's not because I'm out of focus. I zoom in all the way to make sure every little detail is focused before I shoot.

    Did I change a setting or am I doing something wrong? Have you experienced something similar? Please help!!!!

    There is a chance I'm just really dumb haha.
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    A DSLR is a computer and as such sometimes just needs a reboot. In the case of a camera, reformat the SD card and reset the camera to the default settings. Look at "Options on Setup menu 3", under 'clear settings'. Then set the camera to your preferred settings and see if that helped. Also, when was the last time you cleaned the sensor?


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      What's the sharpness setting at?


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        It was at the default sharpness but i just turned it up to 7.
        Short Films - Sketches - Stupidity


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          How many different shots have you done with the issue you are concerned about? I don't really see what you are talking about.

          What I see is glare on the edge of the poster reflected from the way it is hanging, and the look of the bandanna could be moire from the lines that make up the image. I see motion blur in the hand, and I don't see softness anywhere else that you mention other than perhaps from depth of field.

          The only other things I would suggest is to make sure your lens is clean and the mirror is clean.

          Take sharpness off of 7. Either have it at zero or a notch or two negative. You want to get a flat image so that the most visual information is recorded. It sounds weird and it didn't make sense to me when I started but through experience I learned the value of this in editing. You don't want your camera to artificially enhance the image, you want to do that in editing. Doing it in camera causes less visual data (details) to be recorded. When you have your setting set real flat you will get more detail in dark areas and bright areas won't be as blown out.