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  • Introduction to FutureComicsPerson678


    I am FutureComicsPerson678. I am an aspiring comic book and pop culture player. I am hoping to create a lot of comic book properties, video game properties, animated and live action TV properties, and live action and animated movie properties. I have been doing this as a result of a growing interest in comics and pop culutre, specifically Marvel and DC. I joined this forum to focus on my creative skills in moviemaking not only to adapt my characters into movies, but also to create my own movie properties as well. My plan to keep the ideas though will be to create my own studios and companies to house the ideas and keep the copyrights to them while still having full creative control.

    I will probably be the one to take up a lot of advice and try my best to work on a number of ideas myself. I will present a lot of new ideas to let you know what I would like to make and even create projects both live action and animated. Though you may expect more animated projects because again, I am adapting my comic book characters in my movies.

    Another thing I'll try to do is be funny and try to talk about other mediums to let you know how much I want to get in this pop culture business.

    And before you ask, the movies I would make other than animated adaptions of my comic book characters are action movies, sci-fi movies, and comedy movies. :)

    So hopefully things will go well and I will succeed in the pop culture and entertainment field. Wish me luck and fun!
    Wish Me Luck. FutureComicsPerson678

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    Welcome and Good Luck!
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