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  • Spidarlings Horror Musical

    SPIDARLINGS is an upcoming Horror Musical by Salem Kapsaski with Music and Songs by Jeff Kristian.

    Eden and Matilda, a young couple are broke and threatened to be evicted by their landlord. Their Housing Benefit and Jobseekers Allowance have been turned down and they struggle to become members of a Society they never wanted to be part of to begin with. They don’t have the job opportunities they are hoping for, and try in vain to become a part of a system where you can’t survive if you don’t want to meet the requirements of a “standard life”. Matilda eventually finds a job in a sleazy night bar called “Juicy Girls” making a small living through keeping company with middle-aged men who pay to have drinks and conversations with girls. She hates her job and the customers and working at nights puts a stress on their relationship, however things become worse when a brutal serial killer murders more and more girls working at the Bar. But when she buys a pet spider for Eden, the real troubles start!

    Starring Rusty Goffe (Star Wars, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter)
    Model Sophia Disgrace (Three's a Shroud, Kung Fu and Titties, The Shadow of Death)
    Victor Sobchak (The Jackal, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Ghostboat) renowned Greek TV and

    Please support Spidarlings on IndieGoGo:
    SPIDARLINGS - Feature Film -- Indiegogo

    A huge number prizes used in the film will be put into a Prize Draw open to all contributors offering $20 and more.
    A list of the items can be seen at: Spidarlings
    All items in the Prize Draw are original props used in the making of the film. For as little as 1$ you can get a free MP3 of the soundrack
    We also give away a one day Special Effects class taught by the FX team of Spidarlings
    Plus many more amazing perks!!!

    You can help us reach our goal by spreading the word to your friends and relatives and by posting our campaign link on your social networks.