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In need of follow focus ring gear tester

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  • In need of follow focus ring gear tester

    Good day fellow filmmakers,
    We are in need of one additional person for testing purposes. If you are interested and possess the proper equipment we want to here from you. The item being tested is a lens follow focus gear. Compensation for this research and development project is the gear you test and becoming eligible for possible future product testing along with receiving gear.

    This is not an advertisement just product testing.

    At the end of the two weeks you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire pertaining to the quality of the product and your experience.

    Testing parameters for follow focus lens ring;
    1. For this project you will need a follow focus device with a .8 pitch or 32 ui gear.
    2. The lens focus ring diameter must be between 68.7 mm and 74.7 mm.
    3. Daily use of the product in real world situations is preferred.
    If you need a paper ruler for measuring focus ring circumference click attachment below or you may request one by email.
    Ruler for lens follow focus.pdf
    Thank you,
    Send your desire to participate along with the equipment and type of shooting you primarily do to: