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  • Restitution

    by Terry W Drake Published by

    Restitution is the second book in the series about Father Damien in Bergamo, Italy during the final stages of World War II. Now that Colonel Anton Fahn has been captured the search for his co-conspirator continues. Father Damien inherits the responsibility to direct the undergrounds affairs resulting from the death of Mathew Gillespie at the torturous hands of Colonel Fahn. The allies seek cooperation in the destruction of supplies contained at the Bergamo airfields and look to the underground for immediate action. The hunt for Major Friedel continues into Switzerland in order to bring him to justice and recover the art stolen from the communities the renegade German force took during their raids. The quest for Restitution prevails as the theme takes life in the pages of this book.
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    You need to POST MORE info about your projects before you add a website. YOU need to give more information about what you are doing - Look below what you wrote.

    by Terry W Drake Published by

    This is a forum to discuss project, find jobs, and get INFO on that others are doing.

    It is very clear now what you need to do in order to get attention. YOU need to write up a nice little intro about yourself, and write what you are doing, you cant just write ONE sentence with a website.

    If this happens again you will receive an infraction that will last for 30 days.
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