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A Thank You To Nick Soares

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  • A Thank You To Nick Soares

    After not being on for a few weeks I happen to have a chance to hope on today... And after going through some information and looking at the updates that have occurred here I would like to thank Nick Soares for his creating of this website and community for filmmakers to grow in knowledge.....

    Not only does this site offer lots and lots of info but it offers Nick has spent lots of time thinking about others and allow individuals to add their own social networks, links, etc, to their posts in order to help build their audience. I feel not enough people here really appreciate how this can benefit their own filmmaking career. I see that you can create a post and that Google will pick it up and people from Google will come to that post and if it interesting enough then people will follow you or like you which ever is relevant. But I thought I would give a special shout out to Nick Soares and what he has done with this site and what is to come with his company. I have been here a while and I have seen that this site has become THE friendliest filmmaking site around and I just wanted to say thanks! Also, I am getting a twitter account soon to start building my audience now like you recommended...

    So Thank you Nick and God Speed!

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    I completely agree and support Paul here. I, myself, am so new to all of this, and most forums just didn't really seemed more like a place for "elite" jerks to talk down their nose at folks. Nick, you've managed to build a really friendly place here, for old hands and newbies. I thank you for that.

    Not sure why you let me IN, mind you, but thank you!
    Find me on Twitter: [at]Shadoe_Fox


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      Creating a forum like this takes a lot of time to make it work right, and then you have the hours of monitoring that never ends. A person does this either to make a lot of money, or because they care. So thanks for caring Nick.


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        Great post Paul!


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          I agree completely! Thank you SO much Nick for all your work and your friendly and helpful attitude! It means more than you know!