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    Hi guys,

    I'm making a documentary about a few salsa clubs. Obviously dancers dance on music. How can I use the music which is not written by my film? I'm based in UK if this matters.

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    Well if you are planing on your film being public then you will have to have a license for the music or create your own to add in post production. Unless the song is CC
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      I THINK these are your options (based on early research I'm doing myself). Hopefully I'm not wrong on any of these points.

      I think you can actually get help tracking artists/recording studios down to make arrangements for use legally from the RIAA. That's kind of their job, if memory serves. But you'll have to get the rights to use them. Other than producing the music yourself (or getting musicians to compose something just for you) I'm not sure what to tell you.

      I think Salsa's kind of an older style, though, so you might research the work of dead musicians, and see if their copyrights have expired. If they have, you could have musicians play them (Assuming their catalogue isn't owned by someone else who somehow maintained the copyright.) Recordings would still be owned by the company that recorded them, though.

      I could be wrong on how "old" salsa music is, though.
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        Thanks guys!
        I found some useful info here:


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          And what about Sonicfire Pro? Someone use this?