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  • Screenplay Competitions?

    1)Is there any Screenplay competition that really deserves the entry fee?
    2)Screenplay Competitions with no entry fee?

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    The best contest and most reputable is the Nicholl which is free. It has a great track record of getting screenplays produced and careers started. The other contests seem to be one notch above playing the lottery. The other contests have had success stories but they seem to be few and far between. I think that there are too many contests and that many of the winners are puzzling.
    My only advice is to enter contests where they offer feedback since this ensures that someone reads it.


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      "The best contest and most reputable is the Nicholl which is free"
      I think it's not free, there is an entry fee.


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        Nicholl is far away and away the most respected contest. Austin Film Festival is very well-known and offers a ton to those who place and attend. PAGE is the top genre contest and is very well run. These are the top 3 contests in the industry in terms of number of entries (5-7,500 entries annually for each contest- Nicholl gets the most) and a high placement (quarterfinal Nicholl, semifinal PAGE and AFF) often lead to multiple script requests by agents, managers, and prod companies. A finalist placement in a smaller contest called Tracking B is likely to also lead to multiple read requests also but they recognize such a small percentage of scripts it isn't one of my favorites.

        The Blacklist is also an option. If the script gets an "8" or above rating, it is promoted to industry pros which has led to some success stories despite this being a new service.

        They all cost money.


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          Interesting info here guys, please keep it coming
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