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What does Film mean to you?

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  • What does Film mean to you?

    Whether you are a writer, producer, cinematographer, whatever it is you are that has to do with film, what does it mean to you?
    As a Writer, to me, it means freedom. Freedom from reality, from conformity, from "regular" life, from having to wake up at 5 AM everyday to go sit in traffic for two hour.

    What does it mean to YOU?
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    To me, it's the idea of shaping not only a story, but the actors making the characters live, the music filling the air with emotions. It's the experience of, for the instants you're watching a scene, where it's REAL, even though a few seconds before or after it wasn't.

    Okay... never actually thought about it before. Hope that made sense.
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      As a producer, it means business to me, but I love business. I enjoy planning, I enjoy hiring, most of all I enjoy working with new people I have never met before. I think meeting people and getting to know them on my past films has been the most rewarding part of this business.As a writer, I too feel like it is freedom, it is a whole 'nother reality!
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        I want to be a writer/director mostly because I just want to tell stories. I think film is the most real way to make a story come to life and get people to really understand what it's about.

        Ever since I was little I've liked coming up with stories, I especially loved when I could make someone believe that my story was true. As a filmmaker I'm getting to do that in a much bigger way.

        Also a more time consuming way, but completely worth it.
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          What does FILM mean to me?

          I feel like filmmaking (at least the videos) I make is one of the greatest stress reliever I have come across. Lets say I am soooo pissed off about school stuff, there is nothing like coming up with a scene of a movie and going and filming it, and editing it. Im sure film will mean lots more to me in the future, but Its a stress reliever to me right now.


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            Wow all of these explanations are awesome! All of these directly fit with how i feel about film.

            I look at film as a gateway to infinite possibility's. Anything can happen in films without anything holding you back. When you make a film and it inspires or creates a smile its one of the best feelings in the world. Working with people to create something as a team and sometimes more like a family. When your working on a film all your problems seem to vanish and all what matters is the film itself.

            I cant really decide the best definition for it but just everything about it is just amazing.

            One thing i always wondered is how many of you like space? I love space as well because it reminds me of the infinite possibility's like in film. Do you guys like that or is that just me?
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              Film to me is a means of escape. Limitless imagination and as a visual effects artist its quite fun to take a shot that is ordinary looking to something extraordinary. Its an art for millions to see. My thing, is to entertain. I may not be in front of the camera to entertain but entertaining behind the scenes is great as well :D


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                For me, film is a way for me to be free and creative. To create an experience that goes beyond the reality of the world. But at the same time it also means business. Although, like some people also said, I do love the business side of it too. It gives me the energy to create those experiences.