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I just need some advice on getting a mic for my camera

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  • I just need some advice on getting a mic for my camera

    hello Im going to shooting a short film in the spring on a Canon t2i and I wanted to know what type of mic can I get to get great sound. Ive heard of mics such as the Rode and the Zooms but which one is the best one for the camera, if anyone has any advice please let me know. Im new to the whole mic sound thing so please in detail give me a description.

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    I believe there a few filmmakers in the same situation, someone will be here to help you shortly.


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      Go with a rode mic. From my experience with them they are pretty impressive.


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        how about using something like this. Would that help? Ive heard great things about too but Im not too sure. Zoom H1


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          I'm just curious. What makes the Rode mic's so superior, and what am I really looking for in a Mic? I admit, I'm still trying to learn the language of sound (which sounded less odd in my head) so I get confused, easily. Might help the original poster, too. If anyone has the time, of course.
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