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  • Thoughts on piracy

    Exactly what the title says i want to know what everyones thoughts are on piracy here.

    me personally i pirate music, movies, games, applications everything, but like most piraters if i like what i downloaded i always buy a retail copy of it, most of the time the day after i download it.(other than my editing software i just dont got 500 dollars to drop down on some software hell i barely have enough to buy a camera)

    now im not talking about things like ebaumsworld where he just takes other peoples content and puts his water mark on it and claims it as his own...
    people that do that are the cancer of the internet.(and reddit memes lol)

    but i was just wondering what yalls thoughts were on it, mainly because i feel, i look at from a different point of view as most of you do. if someone pirated my content i would just be excited someone else got to see what i made(mainly because im not making a dime off of it anyway)
    but i do know that some people here actually do this for a living and probably have different feelings about it.

    sorry if i offended someone, outting myself as a pirater and all but like i said if its a good product i do buy it. mainly because i feel if they made something good they deserve recognition and money for what they poured there heart and soul into.

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    Originally posted by Sleazypanda View Post
    but like most piraters if i like what i downloaded i always buy a retail copy of it, most of the time the day after i download it.
    Most piraters do not do this, that is far from the truth. People pirate because its free. People save thousands of dollars, why pay for it..... Most people who say they do are liars. (You may do it, but most do not)

    That said, this is a forum and all opinions are welcome so I am not directing this towards you, but I am 100% against it, it makes my skin crawl, I get a stomach knot just thinking about it. No one can really know the other end of pirating until they create a digital product themselves. That is the key here, a DIGITAL product that can be used and shared without being seen. I have had experiences where my profits got cut in half and I actually quite releasing anything digitally for a while.

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      In addition: Many people think, "OH if its up to be Pirated, then the company must be making MILLIONs of dollars a year, so this won't hurt then at all" This to is far from the truth, Pirating is a filmmaking ECONOMY KILLER - So if you feel like getting into the film industry, just remember your biggest enemy is not a studio, not a distributor, but pirating.....
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        I have a pirated version of 3DS Max and I'm still waiting on the day I am able to buy the software from Autodesk. There are people that pirate out there for the wrong reasons. My reason is I want to learn and pursue filmmaking and visual effects which I'm sad to say is going to cost me lots of $$$$$$ to do so just to get software. Is my reason a good reason? I think it is but there may be a few that won't view it that way. I intend on buying the software at some point but I need a job that pays more than what 3DS Max retails for, which is $3,500.


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          Originally posted by Nick Soares View Post
          "OH if its up to be Pirated, then the company must be making MILLIONs of dollars a year, so this won't hurt then at all"
          if anyone thinks this, then there just stupid and natural selection will pick them off anyway. i do agree with you however that alot of people that pirate do not buy what they pirate and they just do it because it is free. but i do have to disagree with your word "Most". im willing to bet every dime that i have that most people that pirate actually do buy what there pirating.

          i personally only know 3 people afk that pirate.(out of the idk 50 people i talk to on a regular basis) manily because the average person has no idea what a torrent is. and out of those 3 people we ALL buy what we like. now there is a key word there "like". out of the thousands of things ive downloaded ever since, hell napster ive probably only bought 10% of what i saw or listened to or played. but out of that 90% i can say that i never listened to the full album, never finished the movie, never played past the first level of the game. and i do agree that it cost the companys that produced it millions of dollars(depending on the flick of course).

          now all that being said i do agree with you at some extent but not all the way. i feel that if your in the business u shouldnt be in for the money. u should be in it for the love of the art. im pretty sure davinci didnt give a shit if his painting made him any money, and that was different time and a totally different place but the same still applys imo, its all about the love for what you do. now as i said above my feelings could completely change the second i do(hopefully) make money off of this. but as it stands now ill personally be loading my content onto every torrent site in the world every forum and every video hosting site just incase i get that one extra person to see it.

          just as a little example the last post i made i metioned the movie clerks and i actually own 2 copies of clerks a vhs copy (signed by scott mosier and kevin smith /splouge) and the 10th anniversery edition. but i dont have a vhs player(who does these days) and i cant find my dvd copy. and i really wanted to watch the movie after i mentioned it the other day. so i downloaded it last night and watched it. now i have 2 copies of this movie and i pirated it to watch it cause i didnt want to go and spend 20 dollars on another copy just to watched the movie last night. now do you consider this wrong. im a die hard fan of mr kevin smith own everything hes ever made. now i really doubt he cares that i downloaded that movie last night mainly because the man has gotten atleast 200$ out of me with movie tickets and dvd sales, merchandise from his website and i even sub his podcasts just to support him that much further.

          but ill end this with an up note
          atleast we can all agree that editing software cost way to much hehe
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            We might be doing a phone interview with Kevin Smith next week, hopefully he doesn't read this :0 :)
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              Thats awesome!!!


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                i hope he does read it lol hes a huge idol of mine and he if reads a word that i write my life will feel complete


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                  u should ask kevin smith how he feels about this subject if u have some extra time.


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                    Filmmaker Forum has about 4-5 questions, this will not be one of them..... I would like to hear his take on it. But its tough enough to get a phone interview in the first place, don't want to push it...
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                      i completely understand, gotta choose wisely


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                        I do not support this sort of stuff but there are times that i have downloaded things off the internet once in a while. Most of the time its music. If i like just one song and nothing off the rest of the album ill download the one song but if its i like the entire album most of the time i can find it on CD for cheap though thrift shops, online stores or friends.

                        When it comes to movies i have never downloaded a movie in my life. I feel that there is enough movies to be watched though Theaters, Movie channels, Friends DVD's and netflix. As nick said before if you want to be in this industry stealing from it is not going to make your chances stronger.

                        Programs are a hard one to deal with because not everyone can pay for those big price tags. What allot of company's do is give updates and force you to buy there newest product witch i think is 100% unfair. They should still sell there older programs for cheaper so that rookies can pick up some older software to get better and later invest for more updated programs. Luckily you can still buy older programs from people updating them self's. They could also be selling "No-Profit licences" to people for much cheaper. If you buy a "No-Profit" licence you agree to terms that you are only using the program for entertaining or training uses and not making a profit from it.

                        From what i heard (2 or so days ago) pirating has started to be tracked and stored by agency's. They are not pushing any laws on anyone but just keeping it stored to possibly be used later.

                        My final stance on this is that i believe it is wrong for people to do this but some of the company's are not perfect either.
                        The newbie.


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                          Pirating all comes down to "Self Control" - You download things illegally because no one is watching. The question is, do you have the self control to not do it, do you have the self control to see that that product should not be on your computer until you purchase it.

                          Here is an example:

                          The world "earth" has ended, you are the only person left on earth. You go into a gas station, no one is there. You are hungry, you talk a energy bar, no need to pay as there is no one on earth to tell you not to do it. <--- This is what pirating is like, "earth" is like the other site of your computer screen. It is natural to feel like the other end of your computer screen is fake, But there are people there that you hurt by pirating, you just cannot see them or hear them when you do it.


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                            Troy, just read you message. Yes, Pirating is now being tracked, and is a serious crime. Some might think, "Oh I will use one of those programs to block my IP address" as a programmer I assure you that some of these clocking sites are put in place by the FBI - Just a heads up.

                            They are starting with the sites, and are also following up with the downloaders... It has already been stated that the "I didn't know it was illegal" line will not be tolerated by the police when they come knocking on your door. "THE POLICE, YOU SAY!" Yup, a simple database has been put in place to send a simple notification to local authorities and they will have your name and address and the crime your IP has committed. That is the current flaw though, is proving it was you that did the crime and not someone using your computer.


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                              Pirating takes the money away from people who worked very hard on the product.
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