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How, precisely, do you network?

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  • How, precisely, do you network?

    So, I'm a new guy to all of this. I've just recently bought a camera, myself and friends are polishing a script to shoot, and soon we'll hopefully start filming. We're starting small, something for youtube to get experience because we're a bunch of creative people without the technical skills for filming, in and of it's self. We're doing all we can to self educate, and that's going well it seems.

    But all the books, websites, and everything I've researched mentions the importance of building a network. Either it's so your scripts can be seen by the right person (Assuming it's something I can't shoot myself, of course), or so enough people see your Kickstarter campaign. Some wax fairly poetic on the topic, as a matter of fact. Tears came to my eyes on a few occasions.

    Sadly, these were mostly tears of frustration.

    None really go into detail on HOW you should network. A lot of "Twitter is important" but nothing on how to make use of it effectively. A lot of "Facebook is essential" but no details on how to get friends who aren't people who kinda remember you from that one time you used to hang out.

    I'm making stabs at it, such as hanging around here and getting involved in conversations (Rather I'm talking out of my as or... well, really no "or" there at the moment) but I just don't know if I'm going about it the right way.

    So, my question is... does anyone have any suggestions? Or experiences to share?

    Oh, and for the record... I am not in New York, and I'm not in LA. Sadly, I'm mostly stuck to online I think... or am I wrong? I just don't know.

    So... Long story short... help?
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    Honestly, the biggest thing in my opinion is just start doing it. Create your accounts, dont spam your followers and if you have anything meaningful then people will follow you. It takes hard work, and dedication - take this forum for example. It has been up for a year and a half and only recently has it become more popular, I spent the last year of my life just updating and trying to create a site that filmmakers can discuss anything about filmmaking, its hard man. You are asking the golden question, How do I get fans, followers (basically) - The answer is hard work as I said before, and giving the users something of value is the key like Paul says below. For example, I will leave this off with a question. Why should I follow you? Why should I like your facebook page?
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      Hey Kevin, this is definitely a tough subject here. Do you mind if I ask what your twitter and facebook pages goals would be? I really think that each topic would have different rules on getting more fans, am I wrong?


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        My Twitter strategy is to find other people on Twitter who do something similar to what I do. I then look through their followers and follow the ones I think would find me interesting up to about 100 people. Then about a week later, I unfollow any people who aren't following me, and do it again following someone else's followers.

        The thing with Twitter in my opinion is that having a large number of followers is useless unless those followers are interested in you and your work, so that's how I find those people. When you follow someone, they are notified and will likely look to see who you are and follow you back if they are interested in you.

        From there remember to retweet, favorite, and especially reply to interesting Tweets by people you are following. This helps create more personal relationships. If you use this strategy, you'll end up following a whole lot of people before too long. Use the list feature to filter only to the people who tweet interesting things

        Two indispensable tools when doing Twitter marketing and networking:



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          Great info Vance, ive been watching this thread to see if anyone would give the OP an answer. Checking out that stuff now!


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            Originally posted by Paul77 View Post
            Hey Kevin, this is definitely a tough subject here. Do you mind if I ask what your twitter and facebook pages goals would be? I really think that each topic would have different rules on getting more fans, am I wrong?
            I haven't quite developed goals, at this point. We haven't shot yet (We're still developing story, even if its a very short format webseries we're starting with) but I wanted to get a plan in place, and maybe start working towards it. Our second project idea we're probobly going to kickstarter or what have you, and everything says spreading a wide net is good when it comes to that.

            And Vance, thank you. That actually made sense, and wasn't as overly complex as I feared. I'm not a total misanthrope, but social networking sometimes perplexes me.
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              it seems like there will be an option on this site soon to be able to add your social network. That could help you. I also think unless you have something that people want to follow then it will cost you money. you can advertise etc.... People (Not talking about the OP) get upset when they cannot grow their fan base but they also dont want to spend a single dollar.

              Also, what is tweetpi?


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                Yeah, I"m kind of looking forward to that update. Of course, I also need to find something meaningful to tweet about. I'm... really not as social as I guess I need to be.
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