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  • Laws and regulations question

    Hi im starting up my own film making company and i am wondering if there are any laws, regulations and insurance policies i need to know before i start. i will practically be a freelance videographer where i do any video for any body at a certain price this includes: weddings, music videos, extreme sport videos, advertisements ect. what paper work will i need if i am going to do this. PLEASE HELP!!!! any answers will be greatly appreciated.

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    I started out doing wedding videos as well, and honestly (this was just what I did) I used Farmers Insurance for all of my equipment etc... *I am not sure if they still offer what they did 11 years ago though

    When I started film, I always used Film Emporium for all of my productions.

    Hope this helped
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      Thank you very much for your quick response and thank you for your answer it has indeed helped, i am very grateful for your advice. Kind Regards, Aidan Butler.


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        I have operated a video production company for more than 20 years. As Nick said, I too have special coverage for my business equipment. It is attached to my homeowner's policy (and my renter's insurance policy before that). At present, it is about $150 per year for around $10,000 worth of coverage.

        If you're doing a lot of business, I would also recommend a liability policy. I sometimes work with a lot of equipment, including heavy, hot lights. If someone were to trip on a cable and bring a light crashing down on top of them, they could sue me for everything I've got. Actually, people can and do sue for any reason at all nowadays. The price of a liability policy depends on how much protection you want.

        If/when your company reaches a certain size, and/or you start hiring employees, you might look into starting an LLC. That way you can separate your business liability from your personal holdings.
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          I just noticed you're in the U.K., so your laws may differ from ours. Maybe someone from your country can chime in.
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