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    Hey guys, Havey here.

    So my girlfriend came to me a few weeks ago and told me her and her friends were part of this group called Gear Up. And Gear up is this like camp/club for people that compete for scholarships for college! It is a really, really cool thing. So she came to me and said they wanted me to throw a video together for them for this contest. So I did.

    We had a lot of problems with this video. SO MANY. So I am so glad that I could finally get it done and out for them.

    The school is Scott High School.

    They are in this competition and I would love it if you guys would all go and vote for their video.

    Again it is SCOTT HIGH SCHOOL.

    You can find the link above the videos and you have to rank them all from 1-5. Be sure to put our video first!

    It would be awesome if they won this! :)

    Thanks everyone.

    GEAR UP Film Fest 2013