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The Most Xeroxed Script in Hollywood

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  • The Most Xeroxed Script in Hollywood

    In the days before The Black List, this Screenplay has been called "The Most Xeroxed Script In Hollywood" and has been almost made many times.

    Everyone from John Huston, Jack Nicholson, Jeff Bridges, Nick Nolte, Jon Voight, Harrison Ford, Ron Shelton, Jimmy Buffet and more.

    Always The Bridesmaid and Never The Bride.

    It was the First Project that an actor was offered 20 Million Dollars to Play.

    I have many Hollywood Tales to tell about The Script.

    The Story about The Script is a Story in itself.

    It has many, many Fans.
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    I want to hear more :pop2:
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      Looking for Financing ...

      Like the Rest of The World.

      As well as New Blood, Energy & Enthusiasm.

      There are many Hollywood (& Non) Pieces to the Puzzle which I can bring

      to The Project including two very Good (well known Producers, one Academy

      Award Nominated) Famous Co-Writer, Casting, Tax Credits, Soundtrack/Score

      by one of The World's most popular Songwriter/Entertainer/Performer,Family

      Approval and Cooperation of The Famed Historical Figure and much more.

      This Film can be done from 10 Million to ...?

      At times it had been Budgeted for much more but can still be made Lean &


      This Project is not for Beginners, Amateurs or for The Faint Of Heart.

      If Interested (and Serious) please Inquire and I will Reply by Private Message.

      Thanks and Good Luck to All Fighting The Good Fight!


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        Im not 100% sure what is happening here